Toddlers found wandering around middle of the night reunited with family, father warned not to be careless

A three-year-old young woman and her one-year-old sister, who were found wandering around in isolation in the focal point of the evening, have safely been returned to their family as a result of concerned passers-by and the police.


Kulai OCPD Supt Tok Beng Yeow said that the police were made mindful of the two young women by individuals overall at about 11.50pm on Friday (May 28) night.

He said that they were spotted wandering around Kampung Melayu Kulai without their people.The police went to the space to mind them with the person who made the alert. No injuries or signs of abuse or injury were found on the two youngsters.

The police, close by people in general by then endeavored to look for the adolescents’ people and after around 30 minutes, a man showed up and ensured that they were his children,” he said in a decree here on Saturday (May 29).

He said that a video of the two young women had moreover gotten making the rounds by means of online media.

The 24-year-older individual had the alternative to offer chronicles to show that he is indeed the father and genuine watchman of the young women.

The man perceived that he had acted carelessly and had fallen asleep when dealing with his youths while his loved one was working the night shift,” he said, adding that the young women were found about 50m to 100m away from their home.

Supt Tok added that the man got an unforgiving reprobation from the police.We urge the public not to be rash when managing their youths.We may in like manner need to thank everyone for their tension and brief response.

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