The 4 Best Malaysian Movies on Netflix Review

Film Escapist reveals the best Malaysian movies spilling on Netflix, across classes like action, assessment, show, terribleness, and that is just a glimpse of something larger.As one of Southeast Asia’s most one of a kind economies, Malaysia has been an ideal goal for Netflix’s overall turn of events. In the past couple of years, the ongoing component has added a respectable number of Malaysian movies—so what are the Best Malaysian Movies on Netflix?

Here at Cinema Escapist, we’ve collected this once-over of top 10 Malaysian films on Netflix to help you figure out what to watch. Across groupings like action, performance, opinion, nefariousness, and that is just a glimpse of something larger—we’ve found an assortment of Malaysian commitments that you can stream on Netflix.

1. Hantu Kak Limah

The latest segment of a significantly celebrated film game plan, Hantu Kak Limah blends chuckles in with cautions. Set in the recounted town of Kampung Pisang, the film revolves around a woman named Kak Limah who undermines the town’s inhabitants.

While the film doesn’t have a top dog storyline, it sure connected with Malaysian groups—acquiring in excess of a day and a half ringgit in the artistic world on a creation monetary arrangement of 1.2 million ringgit. Hantu Kak Limah’s thriving comes from its relatable jokes and characters. In the event that you’re into the horrendousness spoof combo type, this is a film that doesn’t need a great deal of effort to appreciate.

2. Jagat

Fairly based off boss Shanjhey Kumar Perumal’s own adolescence, Jagat is an enchanting Tamil-language film that describes a story from Malaysia’s ethnic Indian social class. The film follows a 12 year-old child named Appoi as he encounters youth in an unassuming local area during the 1990s. Regardless of the way that his father needs him to procure a balanced tutoring, Appoi has various plans. He soaks himself in Rajinikanth movies, becomes a close acquaintence with the close by road drug specialist, and all around causes naughtiness.


Regardless, Jagat isn’t some energy worthy progressing flick. It’s a film that records a child’s problematic adolescence, and reminds swarms that authentic doesn’t for the most part have storybook endings. Through extraordinary cinematography and astonishing shows, Jagat recounts an unvarnished story of coarseness amidst appalling cycles.

3. Mission: Destroy Love

Mission: Destroy Love (Malay title Sejoli) has an excellent capable English title. In this cheerful parody, an individual named Jo and a youngster named Gina are both recovering from divisions in Phuket when they comprehend their exes are getting hitched. Together, Jo and Gina pair up to obliterate their exes’ friendship.

Indeed, Mission: Destroy Love doesn’t have a particularly unprecedented explanation nor momentous execution. It’s genuinely reminiscent of the American blockbuster romcom Forgetting Sarah Marshall, anyway with its own Southeast Asian turns. Regardless, on the off chance that you’re looking for a standard, clear romcom, it’ll fit the bill.

4. Pulang

Stretching out across landmasses and numerous years, Pulang has one of the more excited plots on this overview. This film begins with the story of Othman and Thom, a couple from a little town around Malacca. Needing to gain riches, Othman transforms into a sailor. In any case, baffled by the ruthless reality of marine life, he gives up Thom and settles down in Liverpool.

Following sixty years, their grandson Ahmad endeavors to find his lost granddad—setting out on a trip that rediscovers his family’s past, yet what’s more Malaysia’s arrangement of encounters. While Pulang has some pointless electrifying minutes, its unquestionable setting makes it especially entrancing. The film gets moving around (and depicts scenes from) World War II, and watchers have stood out it emphatically from the hit Korean recorded blockbuster Ode to My Father.


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